Mădălina-Steluța PĂTRĂȘESCU NEACȘU, Ph.D. Student

Founder President of Agrointelligence SISA,

Ph.D. Student within „Carol I” National Defence University, Bucharest;

Art_7-1Agrointelligence SISA was the first organization that disseminated in our country the agro-food security culture by the organization of adapted agro-strategic events aimed to evaluate the food needs and the directing and practising some agro-strategic solutions in preventing and combating the agro-food insecurity.

The novelty brought by the Information System on Food Security (SISA) is a practice of information exchange beyond political and economic interests of investors and multinational corporations, oriented towards increasing productivity, developing socio-economic environment, anticipate and prevent food crises on long term.

For the first time SISA kicked off a series of agrostrategic debates entitled Agrointelligence Cáfe. The first edition was held on February 17, 2016 with the theme „The level of food (in)security in the former communist countries”, a subject that has been put into debate in the

first online brainstorming on agro-food security, organized by the same analysis group of Agrointelligence SISA.

The 2nd edition of the series Agrointeligence Café was held on March 30, 2016. The theme of the program focused on „Sovereignty and Food Safety in Romania” where renowned experts in the food industry, intelligence analysts, agro-economists, sociologists and lawyers debated the subject of food insecurity at national level in terms of access to safe and healthy food. The aim of conducting this café was finding efficient socio-agro-ecobio-economic solutions in the context of vulnerabilities and threats against the agro-food sector where domestic milk industry is facing a crisis of communication and marketing at national and European level.

agrointeligenceOn April 7, 2016 Agrointelligence SISA and the Confederation of Peasants Associations of Romania (CATAR) have organized the 3rd edition of the series Agrointelligence café series on „Fair agro-food trade in Romania in the context of the amendment of Law no. 321/2009 on food marketing”, in which we tried amending and supplementing the law on food marketing to meet the great challenges of Romanian vegetables culture in the third millennium.

The analysis guidelines were focused on indicators monitoring sovereignty and food security, complementary elements of food safety, such as: agro-marketing sovereignty of Romania in a globalized trade; ensuring respect for human rights in a world governed by economic freedoms; role and freedom of the mass-media in providing useful and relevant information on the factors of agrofood insecurity; priority to autochthonous agricultural production to ensure safe and healthy food needs locally, regionally and nationally; keeping small farmers access to land, water resources, agricultural inputs and farm financial resources; biodiversity conservation in the context of agro-industrial development; genetic modification and agrarian reforms to maintain the food stability and utility; the impact of foreign capital agro-food investments on food sovereignty and food security at national level.

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