The bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and Romania

stema_cehiastema_romaniaCzech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe and became a separate state in 1993 after Czechoslovakia split into two countries. The most important sectors of the Czech Republic’s economy are industry, wholesale and retail trade, transport, accommodation and food services and public administration, defence, education, human health and social work activities (14.9 %). The Czech Republic’s main export partners are Germany, Slovakia and Poland while its main import partners are Germany, Poland and Slovakia. The history of our contacts reaches far back into history. The first verifiable documents of mutual commercial relations come from the Middle Ages, when the Czech kings took active interest in events in the areas of what is today’s Romania. Both countries are members of the EU and NATO. The Czech Republic ranks 14th in the top 20 foreign investors in Romania.

Mr. Milan Peprník

Minister – Counsellor, Embassy of the Czech Republic

ambasador_cehiaThe bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and Romania are very intensive, particularly in the economic and cultural fields. Economically, there is a very positive trend in the bilateral relationship, because both the presence of Czech companies in Romania and also the volume of trade between our countries are rising. In 2015, the trade figures were as follows: export reached 1,79 billions EUR, import 1,53 billions EUR and turnover reached 3,32 billions EUR. The Czech investments in Romania are quite considerable, the biggest Czech investment in Romania represents government-owned energy company ÈEZ, which has always been a good example of a responsible investor in Romania. Among other recent investors we can mention the Green Gate office building in Bucharest built by S-Group holding, Penta, Renomia or PPF bank. And what is very important that the number of our tourists is constantly increasing.

The potential for developing economic and trade relations between the Czech Republic and Romania presents a wide spectrum of interest. The Czech Republic remain’s very important trade and investment partner also in next future. On local market in these days operating more than 800 Czech companies. Czech companies are present in a variety of sectors and, in general, can offer services and experience in infrastructure, public transport in cities, railway, also in the field of sewage water and water treatment, agriculture, renewable energy, retail, food, pharma and health sector. As we mentioned our mutual economic and commercial relations like our production has in Romania a long tradition. Many czech products are known here. As there are several tens of thousands of products made in the Czech Republic, the following selection can be nothing more than a brief list of the truly best-known, most important and most interesting products like czech glass-making industry, branded porcelain, beer (Plzeòský Prazdroj and Pivovary Staropramen), cars Škoda or Bata´s footwear.

Romania, a marketplace of 20 million, an expanding economy, a well-educated workforce, access to the Black Sea and Asia, a lot to offer in terms of natural resources, having sectors with great potential of development and also having industrial and logistics parks represents also very attractive destination for our investors. These features of Romania have attracted Czech entrepreneurs and investors. Due to strategic geographic location together with the possibility of finding qualified managers, many foreign companies have already established in Romania their regional headquarters offices for the Balkan Peninsula and/or south-eastern European markets. Romania has also very beautiful landscapes, having numerous historical places and medieval towns. Therefore tourism from the Czech Republic is expected to develop here in the coming years.

bridgeOverall, the year 2015 may be described as a another great year for Romania´s economy, with an increase of the gross domestic product (GDP) and a massive increase of exports. Romania is well on track to another year of GDP growth as it registers one of the best performances in the European Union. The fact that Romania is a member of European Union and that is has adapted its laws to the EU laws, respectively the fact that Romania now belongs to the community market are highly important things for our investor. Czech companies are provided in Romania great perspectives for their business plans. Among decisive investment factors there are, how was mentioned, especially well qualified labour force.

Recent positive developments in bilateral trade relations between the Czech Republic and Romania helps Czech Trade office in Bucharest. The Czech Trade office are operating under the auspices of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bucharest and offers its services to Czech and Romanian companies. The ultimate goal of the office is to concentrate on the B2B sector and promote further interactions between companies from both countries. In 2007 was also founded the Czech-Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Prague. To attract more Czech investments, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bucharest besides the excellent longterm cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania promotes activities with Czech Center in Bucharest, Honorary Consulate in Timisoara, Romanian clusters, industrial parks, and other institutions.

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