Proposal Ferenda Law in the field of copyright

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Aristotel Onassis

aristica-vaduvaFollowing a comprehensive study of national and international laws relating to copyright, we found that Law No 8/1996 of copyright in Romania, there is no regulation which refer to training specialists in this field, so vast, which in recent decades has developed spectacularly, especially after the appearance of the Internet.

This situation, newly created, involving a distinctive approach to copyright, and also requires the state to take the necessary steps to prepare specialists in this field.

For these reasons we propose to Romanian Parliament a Ferenda Law to address this situation. We present below the content of this law as an addendum to the law no. 8/ 1996:

CHAPTER X. Training and extensive training of specialists in the field of copyright.

Art. 1. Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Education Sciences and Research and Ministry of Finance will develop a national strategy in order to train specialists in the field of copyright.

Art. 2 (1) Within ROMANIAN OFFICE FOR COPYRIGHT (ORDA), will perform a new Commission with attributions, in implementing a national program of training and refresher training of specialists in the field of copyright.

(2) The structure of the commission, the program operation and its strategy will be developed by ORDA, together with the Romanian Government and Faculties of Law, participating in this project, within 90 days from the promulgation of this law.

Art. 3) The Faculties of Law of the University education system in Romania will create the need for:

  1. a) The organization of Master degree courses dedicated to copyright;
  2. b) The establishment of Doctoral schools in the field of copyright.

Art. 4 The Parliament, the Government and Faculties of Law will regularly hold symposiums and conferences that contribute in creating the legal framework to protect the copyright at the national interest, in the cultural artistic and scientific fields.

Art. 5 The Government of Romania and the Ministry of Finance will provide financial resources necessary for implementation of these measures.

This Ferenda Law may be a first step in the development of new legal rules in the context of evolution of copyright and related rights.

Copyright law should act as an important element of the national strategy for protection and preservation of cultural heritage, artistic and scientific, nationwide.

Aristică VĂDUVA

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