The World Around Us

Our Planet has a wonderful potential!

catalin-midvighiOur planet has a wonderful potential, not only for humans but for other living creatures as well. We just need to protect Earth from harm and preserve the amazing nature we have inherited from our forefathers. Humans can preserve and build beautiful places, like the Danube Delta or Praid Salina, but unfortunately this isn’t always happening. This is why education comes in handy, since educated people are less prone to harm the environment and can determine, prevent and restrict the free-riders from damaging the world around us.

We also really need to preserve and treasure the traditions we own. Some of them are really special, like pottery for instance or the caroling dances (Capra, Steaua, Plugusorul, Sorcova). These customs make us who we really are, from a cultural and ethnological perspective. Culture is what defines a country, its people, and if we were neither different, nor thinking differently, the world around us would be an inanimate, plain place. I don’t want this to happen. When I travel around the world, I want to see what the most beautiful traditions and customs one country has to offer, or the places that make that particular region exquisite and/or peculiar.

Unfortunately, lots of problems surround and plague the world around us today. Probably the most obvious issue is the permanent destruction of nature in various places around the globe. Cutting down forests and fossil fuel extraction is what harms the Earth the most nowadays. As far as I’m concerned, we should switch from fossil fuels to renewable resources and stop destroying forests because those trees protect the planet and consequently they also protect us. Deforestation is an abominable crime and it makes me sad. I lived five meters away from the Snagov forest and it made me cry when I saw what people did to this forest! Now I am involved, and working with the WWF to solve the problems created by such irresponsible behaviors and rebuild what was damaged before.

Nature, in my opinion, and the people around us, are the most important commodities and we should cherish them the most. These are the most valuable aspects of our human lives and this is what defines and makes us who we really are. If we don’t have the loved ones around us, be it a person or a cat, dog or other living creatures, we are not as happy as we should be, and therefore we are not reaching our highest potential. Money can’t replace everything we love! Hopefully, more and more people will understand this fact, and money will become only a tool in our lives. A walk into the Snagov forest makes me feel ten times happier than winning any sum of money, or spending my time with friends and family is what makes everything else in the world around me complete and meaningful.

In order to have a healthy society, the most important two main domains in which the state should invest are the education and healthcare system. If we have highly educated and healthy people, all the other problems will get implicitly solved. Poorly educated people will have a poor life and will probably not respect and cherish the nature and people around them either. They will only think of themselves and the things they need to do in order to earn more money. Poor education and greed destroys what is most beautiful in and around us. In my opinion, my generation and the generations to come should understand this situation and react accordingly. Fortunately, a lot of us did. More and more young people, like myself, take action, get involved and speak up in order to preserve the world around us, to protect what is ours, what we love and cherish the most.

Catalin Midvighi is a graduate student of the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) Bucharest, in the Program of Evaluation of European Public Policies and he is currently the president of Green Romania Association.



alexandru-marian-tudoracheSeldom we stop and reflect upon our lives and decisions, because our daily existence and trivial, sometimes downright menial tasks, distract us from taking a closer look at what is actually going in this „world”. I see around me an indiscernible conglomeration of confused people that are either desperate for acquiring a modicum of meaning, or silently agreeing with the diffuse and mind-boggling lifestyle of our modern society. Granted, a quick glance at history will reveal to us that life is confusing no matter what year and age, but I do believe that our transition into the modern world has brought this issue to a new level, generating unnecessary stress and anxiety. As a consequence, our perception of respect is warped due to the tendency to overemphasize wealth and social status, enlarging the chasm between various types of people and contributing to the apparition of coteries, closed groups of individuals who most likely will never even consider your existence, let alone be open for a conversation. This is why I believe that, courtesy, a well-defined social conduct based on mutual respect, is a custom and value that needs to be treasured and promoted in any society, for where there is communication, there will be cooperation, and that is the cornerstone of any human community; it is precisely how we had to deal with each other back in the Stone Age to ensure mutual protection. Doesn’t it feel disheartening to live in a world where you feel alone and isolated all the time, unable to explore the joys of companionship?

I am deeply concerned, as I might have suggested in the introduction, by the inveterate lack of purpose, of a broader view, of a clearer perception that have a direct impact upon the quality of life across nations. In our country, at least, I have noticed just how rushed everything that’s done feels, how quickly we sweep under the rug topics and themes that don’t fit the mould, and how excessively formal and the lifeless the educational system is, no wonder that all that most students have in mind is to just pass the exams! Therefore, I would appreciate, and so would most people, if schools would approach matters differently and enticingly in order to change how children and teenagers perceive life. Education is primordial in shaping any society.

What I do appreciate about our current world, are the rapid advancements in technology and medicine, and last but not least, the freedom of thought you can nurture with our enormous database of knowledge (books, movies, art etc.), readily accessible and for all tastes. We truly do live in great times from this standpoint, standards of life have risen, distance between us is a thing of the past, and from a political perspective, the situation is quite stable if we are, of course, to exclude the conflicts in the Middle East and the information warfare. Obviously, this means in no way that we have gotten rid of all of our problems.

I am not quite sure who to forward my pleads to, so I will assume that the only person in proper authority is you, the reader. There’s no wonder solution to fix all the problems mentioned in this essay, but even if there was one, its catalyst would undoubtedly be time. I’d like to end on a hopeful note by urging everyone to dare think for themselves when something seems off or even when you are bored, and to discover the joys of knowledge, because before any material entity, lies an idea, the fuel of this world.

Alexandru Marian Tudorache undergraduate student in the Department of Political Studies, SNSPA- Bucharest


Sometimes I see the world around me like a complex system that works for the better or worse, but I think that my point of view is in accordance with my emotions. If a put myself in a neutral point of view and try to see a clear pattern, I must say things get difficult because is a huge gap between people. One day I talk with a man who worked a whole week for something next to nothing and he is trying to pay his bills and he is still happy and the next day I talk with someone who spends lots of money on things and can afford almost anything but he is sad.

I don’t see myself as a religious person, but I love the Christmas season. I think that for a short period of time we are trying to be better with ourselves and other people around us simply because we can and not for money, advantages at work or something we might need. I respect people who are trying to be good any time of the year, but when I see that almost everyone is good with everyone really makes me feel like I don’t lose this tradition

There are many things that worry me and therefore I can’t choose one in particular because all are important and not only for my own sake but for the sake of us all. So I guess that things like climate change or the overpopulation of earth should concern us all and are the real problems we must face, those things I can’t resolve on my own so I try my best to be a part of the solution and help as much as I can. Things that I can change on my own are the things that I face every day like the problems in my community. If I had the power to change anything I probably use it to make education the first priority all around the world.

That will be the use of the free internet and the ability to communicate and interact with almost anything. The power of self-teaching and the hive mind that our generation has is the most wonderful thing I can think of. We can interact with different cultures or study different fields of science with ease and we share all our life events, opinions, knowledge or our mistakes. We really connect more than ever and that is important for me, if not for everyone.

If I could, I’d make education a priority because now, more than ever, is important to teach the people how to fish, instead of giving then the fish to eat. As we see the world around us is

changing more and faster than ever and nowadays we resolve our material needs with ease, but our minds must keep up and instead of killing people that are different than us and isolate and divide the humankind we must unite for the greater good not only for mankind’s sake but for the sake of our planet too.

Neacsu George-Alexandru, undergraduate student, Political Studies Department of SNSPA, Bucharest

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