Mădălina-Steluța PĂTRĂȘESCU NEACȘU, Ph.D. Student

Founder President of Agrointelligence SISA,

Ph.D. Student within „Carol I” National Defence University, Bucharest;

patrasescu-neacsuAs agriculture became an area of increasingly complex and decision in the agro-food sector depends more than ever for information and agro-strategic knowledge, Agro TV launched on 9 October 2016, at 19.00hrs., a new show, titled AGRO-STRATEGIC SYNTHESIS.

The program represents a co-production in association with Agro intelligence-Information System of Food Security (SISA), which will be broadcast and moderate by Neacsu Steluta Madalina, Founder President of the analyses group Agro intelligence SISA (

The aim of the program is to disseminate the culture of food security in the context of adjacent agricultural sector crises and facilitate dialogue between farmers and policymakers through invited the representatives of the public-private sector.

Topics of the debates are interlinked and crosscutting, because the information in the agro-food sector covers at the moment, an extensive area in the new paradigm of globalization: geopolitical, socio-agroeconomics, security and defense, medical … Well-known experts from the agro-food sector will analyze and synthesize in each edition, the vulnerabilities and risks and come up with solutions to counter a possible food insecurity.

agro-tv-1The target group of the TV program can be farmers, entrepreneurs in the agro-food sector, policymakers, but also centers of research, development and innovation who want to suggest directions and agro-strategic action, which could be the subject of resiliency programs and policies and good governance in the field of agriculture. Why an agro-strategic show on the topic of food security?

– Romania is currently experiencing a serious crisis of socio-economic, political, cultural, geopolitical, and all adjacent to the agrarian crisis

– Agriculture, the main economic resource, presents a number of malfunctions in the context of decision-makers from ignorance and climate change.

– The exodus of the rural environment and lack of access to the agro-strategic information can affect the agro-food sector beneficiaries‘ decisions in the short, medium and long term.

– Lack of public-private dialogue and transfer of knowledge and expertise in agricultural machinery can prevent the development of a sustainable agriculture.

– Labour Migration influences at the moment the stability of the rural environment and food security of Romania’s default?

agro-tv-2– Pressure food imports have destroyed the local agricultural production, blocking any process of industrialization and modernization of the autochthon agriculture.

– Crushing of the agricultural areas, lack of means of production, lack of financing and credit, agricultural land, decimation of livestock, lock up of cadastral, systemic corruption as regards absorption of EU funds, etc. have created a pervasive chaos that threaten food security of Romania.

– Extreme impoverishment of peasantry, keeping of traditions and national identity becomes a threat over food security.

– Compromising professional education in agriculture can have dramatic consequences on the medium and long term.

In conclusion, the AGRO-STRATEGIC SYNTHESIS will propose every Sunday at 19.00 hrs, an extended vision on security, safety and food sovereignty, since food represents the goal of existence of the food system, it is currently connected to all crises and adjacent risks: climate change, energy, social cohesion, economic, geopolitical, good governance, security and defense, etc.

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