It is necessary to promote competence and moral integrity

Interview with Mr. Bebe Viorel IONICĂ

 bebe-ionica– Mr. Secretary of State, Bebe-Viorel Ionica, I understand that your intension is to candidate for a seat in the Chamber of Deputies, from PSD Gorj.

Considering my work in the Ministry of Communication and Information Society for over 4 years and overall experience for over 35 years in the ITC industry, it is giving me enough confidence to represent successfully, the Social Democrat Party in the new Parliament of Romania, in the ITC commission. I have taken into account the statement of the Party Chairman, Mr. Liviu Dragnea, who referred to the professional and moral criteria that all candidates of SDP, must comply in the process of the elections in December 2016.

– As I understood from the statements, Mr. President Dragnea is emphasizing the issue, that party candidates should not have legal issues.

Mr. President Dragnea’s requirements are in accordance with the demand of the Romanian society and this aspect could be found in the presidential elections in 2014 and it is reconfirming in the local elections this year. Thus, it is necessary, as most political leaders say, to promote competence and moral integrity among members of the new Parliament of Romania, and in all structures of the rule of law.

– I know that one of your priorities has been on creating jobs. What can you tell us about this?

Yes, it is a priority for me and should be for those elected candidates for the new Parliament and the new Government that will be formed after the elections in December 2016. In over four years during my job assignment as Secretary of State at MCIS, we managed to attract investments that have generated the creation of over 10,000 jobs across the country. An example of this would be that we managed to bring a significant investor in Gorj that will provide about 500 jobs and here I mean the American company CGS. Also, together with the County Council and officials from Gorj, we had discussions with the Economic Department of Czech Embassy in Bucharest, which have shown interest in performing an official visit in the city of Targu Jiu, Gorj County, in October 2016.

worldDuring this visit, the delegation will be meeting with Municipality and Gorj County officials, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gorj and businessmen in the area, in order to identify business opportunities that will contribute for the development of the bilateral economic and cultural relations between the Czech Republic and Romania. At the same time, I must recall that during the four years of the MCSI, we had a great collaboration with several US companies. During these activities were carried out a series of good cooperation relationships with overseas partners. Given these issues and meeting with these partners in Bucharest, I can state that after the completion of elections in the United States and in Romania, we will concentrate our activities to attract direct US investment in the Romanian economy, implicitly, in Gorj County.

Also, they must remember the unbreakable liaison that Constantin Brancusi did with the United States and Romania, proof of which is that the Museum of Art in Philadelphia, is showcasing the most works of the great sculptor in one place, the museum which dedicates an entire room to our artist, next to Rodin’s room. I believe that this can generate the possibility of collaboration between the city of Targu Jiu and Philadelphia and also, I think this issue represents a noble mission of all citizens of Gorj County.

– From our editorial staff, we are wishing you success for achieving all your goals.

Florentina S. Vaduva

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